Open for Business

It’s time to finally pull the trigger and push out one of the multiple - and I do mean multiple - projects I have been working on for some time now. And that project is my own t­shirt shop!

Simply put I have been wanting do something like this since my senior year of high school when my honor society asked me to design t­shirts for the all of the students. It was such a big rush that after high school I would come up with dozens of designs and slogans. But I was broke and clueless of the design process. I did not have any clue on how to get them onto my computer let alone, color separation, pricing, printing, etc etc. Then came my love for comics, concept art and a plethora of the happy and awesome distractions that took up
some time.

But my passion for this wouldn’t die. Some time around the end of my college career I caught the bug for graphic design again. And my passion for t­shirt design would often come back to the surface. Every so often I would sketch out an idea or create a mock­up in Illustrator or Photoshop for the hell of it. I began building on ideas and drawing on inspiration from life as well as comics, music (Hip­Hop for the most part), artistic subcultures, and so much more.

As I began showing them off privately, my passion for this grew even stronger. Well, technology and the internet have finally caught up with my laziness and I can finally put my t­shirts online the way I want to. So I am proud to say that:

CLASSICBLAQUE’s is open for business.

Check of the the shop.  Got more to come.


Fresh Fifteen (12/15)

No More excuse.  but here is the image I left off at.

I have allot more coming including  allot of apparel design (t-shirts and personal projects along with new round of fresh)


I am coming back to the site.

I promise this to my self as well as to those who have come by every once and while.  This is my passion and I can not let this site go the way of the do-do.

I'll be back ( No arnold voice)



Fresh Fifteen 11/15 ( Vanglorius)

Well I have posted anything for quite some time and I wanted to change that with this.

I have already started the next round of  Freshness Coming soon.



Fresh Fifteen (10/15)

Back again with the next in my series of new  Designs, This one is dedicated the  Mighty Mos and one of his illest tracks. 

I got more on the way,  and more in store.



Fresh Fifteen (9/15)

The Next the piece in my fresh fifteen line or works is dedicated to a group that has formed my opinion of real hip-hop.  That group is EPMD,

Headbanger was one of my favorite if not still my favorite track to ever come from the two.

more on the way.



Fresh Fifteen (8/15) Creative Splash

So I have crossed the half point of the Fresh Fifteen experiment and for the most part it has been a pretty good experience. I have got a lot of positive feedback.

So with that said here is the next one. No tutorials just me and the right side of the brain.

More on the way.

Now planning out the  "NEXT FIFTEEN"