Hollow Ground

I'd like to officially put out "Hollowed Ground." This piece took a hell of along time to do. A little over two years to do. It would have taken others and few weeks to do, but I was learning 3d studio max at same time I was finishing school, dealing with work, cts (due to working in 3d) the loss of family members, other personal projects and other thing life had to throw at me.

I was going to include some long statement of BS about the sword and it honor and all this other crap but really this is just something I put my all in to and I hope every one likes it. I know there are few issues but really don't have the patience to re-render and re-compile these images.

In short the is my homage to all of the great anime, cartoons, hk movies, American and Japanese comics, martial arts movies, videos games and fantasy action adventure movies, that have inspired me over the years. So many of you know some you may not this just my way say thanks

Pipeline Includes

Photoshop7 and CS3
Illustrator 10
and 3d studio max

Thanks in advance. sorry for the long comment.

PS no prize goes to any one who can name all the sword and the piece and what properties they came from.

Hollowed Ground by ~blaquejag on deviantART


Look Ma New Work

Here are a few new pieces of work form the studios, So enjoy. Both of these pieces are the fruit of some hard work and some new techniques in both illustrator and photoshop

Kerry Washington



Website Coming

Well just wanted to say that the official web site for classicblaque is well on it way.