Fresh Fifteen (6/15) Lyrics to Go

Now the real stuff begins. No tutorials, no experiments just the stuff I consider art. I had listen to a lot of old school hip and looking at the latest in 3d typography so I thought to myself why don't I combine the two and make something really fresh or at least new to me.

So a while go, I was going over some ideas and A ATCQ song came on called "LYRICS TO GO" and I thought it was perfect. A little Illustrator and a lot of Photoshop and Textures.

I really loved doing this and this style so expect more a lot more.



Fresh Fifteen (5/15) Blaze One

Sorry I know I have been slacking on fresh fifteen updates. Well I am back for a min. I will say a brotha got a new job so it takes alot of my time. But that is neither here nor there. it about the art and this is what you are here to see.

Blaze One is a photo-manipulation I did pretty quickly after thinking about martial arts and some other ideas.

More to come