MC Do The Art of Hip-Hop

As I continue to try and find the strength to let some of my most hidden piece go. I happened upon this piece entitled," MC do: The Art of Hip-Hop."

So let me get you up to speed, At first this was piece I was playing around with at my previous place of employment when there was absolutely nothing to do. It originally stared out as my trying to get a my mind around CS3 and playing with it's new functions. However, After hour upon hour of listening to Old/ True School Hip-Hop, it became some thing more. I started to really get into the piece, I notice I was killing my machine. So I had to take it home to the mac and finish it there.

For a few weeks out of my life this was all I thought about. Every vector, every image used was in some was influenced by a particular song in on my Zune (that right I said zune, deal with it).

Upon finishing this piece I wanted to show the world but forgot about it until I was asked to put it in a show. However, this peice did not make the cut so I put it back in to the vault.

I was originally going to do more with the inclusion of the elements of hip-hop, however I decided to put those of hold to develop some other ideas. Those other poster are still being work on however have taken in a new direction

More to come