MC Do The Art of Hip-Hop

As I continue to try and find the strength to let some of my most hidden piece go. I happened upon this piece entitled," MC do: The Art of Hip-Hop."

So let me get you up to speed, At first this was piece I was playing around with at my previous place of employment when there was absolutely nothing to do. It originally stared out as my trying to get a my mind around CS3 and playing with it's new functions. However, After hour upon hour of listening to Old/ True School Hip-Hop, it became some thing more. I started to really get into the piece, I notice I was killing my machine. So I had to take it home to the mac and finish it there.

For a few weeks out of my life this was all I thought about. Every vector, every image used was in some was influenced by a particular song in on my Zune (that right I said zune, deal with it).

Upon finishing this piece I wanted to show the world but forgot about it until I was asked to put it in a show. However, this peice did not make the cut so I put it back in to the vault.

I was originally going to do more with the inclusion of the elements of hip-hop, however I decided to put those of hold to develop some other ideas. Those other poster are still being work on however have taken in a new direction

More to come



Baltimore Harbor

Here is an photo of the Baltimore inner harbor I took a few years ago which I then in tun tried the faux tilt shift technique I have been playing around with.

More "art" on the way.


Melyssa Ford AKA Jessica Rabbit

I haven't posted anything in a while but please believe I have alot on the way, It is just a task trying to find a job and keep a positive mind set on creating something new.

But this time around I wanted to post another muse. The lovely Melyssa Ford

I got more on the way, but I got get some stability first.



Nu-Nu AKA Lauren London

I haven't posted anything in a while and that's totally my fault. I am hunting for a new job and sometimes I just don't feel like posting anything.

Lauren London

I got alot more on the way, I just have to get that job so I can release them how I want to.



DC Luv

Well I have not posted one of these in a while so I thought I might just do that today. I wanted to show some love to the gorgeous Lola Luv ( DC native).

Lola Luv

More on the way

Classic Blaque


The new Omni-one Productions in Now live.

No long stories, No intros, No BS. Just have say that the website(s) are done. the art is live, and I am on grind. Probably got alot of fixes to take care of but that is not the issue now. The site is live, so please check them out.


Yeah And I got some more stuff on the way.



New Avenues of interest.

I am slowly but surely thinking about traveling down some new avenues of artistic interest. Things I once scoffed at now seem pretty cool and worth playing around with at least for a short time period. I am by no means going away from my current interest and loves. I just want to branch out and see what happen with some idea I have.

For some time now I have been playing around with the idea of vinyl figures. Ever since my senior art exhibition I have been chomping at the bit to do few of them for my self at least. I really like going through the whole process. from rough concept to final product I don't want to skip any steps. It fascinating to me to see something like that come to life. I feel same way when I create a piece in 3D.

The next avenue in t-shirts. I am by no means trying to be a fashion designer. I no desire to be one. but I have truly seen some amazing design on t-shirts lately. And want to try my hand at them. I have not desire to do designs with skulls on them. For some reason I find that cliche and rather boring. There are some really amazing designs out there and then there are some really boring designs that look like a six year old did them.

So in coming days, weeks and months I will hopefully be able to throw some new art work up from then two new avenues to get some feed back.

Keep grinding.



It's Just a little digital

Rosario Dawson digital Painting

I be back with a lot more very soon.

classic blaque

So I have been go for a while, Huh.

So I have been go for a while, I did not mean it this happen to me once and I while, I get really good at updating a posting art is getting back to people and then I loose interest in the something or get really in to the production of my own projects. The latter is what happen this time including the fact that I lost my job due to this damn recession.

It sucks but I am am still alive and breathing. As long as I can wake up everyday and create I good. I am diligently working to find new job as well as reworking my web-sites to show off what I can rally do as a artist. I got some new project i am working on and some new idea to throw up.

so I am not dead and I will back and up to date.

classic blaque now and forever.