New Avenues of interest.

I am slowly but surely thinking about traveling down some new avenues of artistic interest. Things I once scoffed at now seem pretty cool and worth playing around with at least for a short time period. I am by no means going away from my current interest and loves. I just want to branch out and see what happen with some idea I have.

For some time now I have been playing around with the idea of vinyl figures. Ever since my senior art exhibition I have been chomping at the bit to do few of them for my self at least. I really like going through the whole process. from rough concept to final product I don't want to skip any steps. It fascinating to me to see something like that come to life. I feel same way when I create a piece in 3D.

The next avenue in t-shirts. I am by no means trying to be a fashion designer. I no desire to be one. but I have truly seen some amazing design on t-shirts lately. And want to try my hand at them. I have not desire to do designs with skulls on them. For some reason I find that cliche and rather boring. There are some really amazing designs out there and then there are some really boring designs that look like a six year old did them.

So in coming days, weeks and months I will hopefully be able to throw some new art work up from then two new avenues to get some feed back.

Keep grinding.


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