Fresh Fifteen 11/15 ( Vanglorius)

Well I have posted anything for quite some time and I wanted to change that with this.

I have already started the next round of  Freshness Coming soon.



Fresh Fifteen (10/15)

Back again with the next in my series of new  Designs, This one is dedicated the  Mighty Mos and one of his illest tracks. 

I got more on the way,  and more in store.



Fresh Fifteen (9/15)

The Next the piece in my fresh fifteen line or works is dedicated to a group that has formed my opinion of real hip-hop.  That group is EPMD,

Headbanger was one of my favorite if not still my favorite track to ever come from the two.

more on the way.



Fresh Fifteen (8/15) Creative Splash

So I have crossed the half point of the Fresh Fifteen experiment and for the most part it has been a pretty good experience. I have got a lot of positive feedback.

So with that said here is the next one. No tutorials just me and the right side of the brain.

More on the way.

Now planning out the  "NEXT FIFTEEN"



Fresh Fifteen (7/15) Fly Sky High

Well here is another one in the long (15 to be exact) of new poster and designs I created. I am not sure is this one was lyrics from song that caught my attention or just the phrase in general.

More on the way.



Fresh Fifteen (6/15) Lyrics to Go

Now the real stuff begins. No tutorials, no experiments just the stuff I consider art. I had listen to a lot of old school hip and looking at the latest in 3d typography so I thought to myself why don't I combine the two and make something really fresh or at least new to me.

So a while go, I was going over some ideas and A ATCQ song came on called "LYRICS TO GO" and I thought it was perfect. A little Illustrator and a lot of Photoshop and Textures.

I really loved doing this and this style so expect more a lot more.



Fresh Fifteen (5/15) Blaze One

Sorry I know I have been slacking on fresh fifteen updates. Well I am back for a min. I will say a brotha got a new job so it takes alot of my time. But that is neither here nor there. it about the art and this is what you are here to see.

Blaze One is a photo-manipulation I did pretty quickly after thinking about martial arts and some other ideas.

More to come



Fresh Fifteen (4/15) I'm an 80's Baby

Almost did make it this week. Been really Busy for my and part of me loves and part of me hates it. But hat is the life I choose. So I wanted to post the next in the line of Of My fresh fifteen.

So this time I was playing around with a tutorial from the good folks at abduzeedo.com/, I think this site and PSDtuts.com was the first design site I start looking at when I got serious about the form. So I wanted to do some retro and decided on this one.

More on the way.



Fresh Fifteen (3/15)

Okay, So this update is kinda late as it is has been a one busy week,

Finally got a new job. So things may be getting a little late. Working on a comic book for a client as well as a creating a new web site for another.

So I know this effect has been done before but I wanted to play around with some type as well.

The Art of Using the right side of the brain

Now that I look at it there is allot I could do with this one. May have to revisit this kind of work in the future.


Fresh Fifteen (2/15)

So here is the second of 15

Evolutionary Haze Poster

I know, I know this effect was created by some one else and it has a tutorial some where online. An for this piece I followed that tutorial. And if I could remember where I saw it, I would give them credit. However, like I said in the beginning of this little event I am not here to expand my viewership only to expand my horizons as an artist and designer.

So Enjoy the real Fresh shit will start soon I promise.



Fresh Fifteen (1/15)

So I have been clamoring to my friends and associates about this project I have been undertaking for some time now. And it kinda of my New Year Resolution to push my art work out there more that I ever had before.

So over the last month and a half I been grinding out 15 new pieces that I would normally not do. This exercise was not getting more views as some detractors might say, but stepping outside of my comfort zone and stepping up my artistic ability as well as my design skills.

So I don't keep on talking and babbling I want to start of with the first piece dedicated a legend in the Rock Industry and one of two legends that share my birthday.

Jimi Hendrix

I am spreading this pieces out all over the web along all of my Social and artistic Networking site

As the title states this is only the first one fourteen more to go.

So please stay tuned.



Pardon My babble ...

...but I seem to be going through a crisis of an artist nature. I produce a a lot of works form illustration to graphic design, comic book art to web design, T-shirt apparel design to Vector illustrations concept art to 3d character models. So I have lot of work and in recent years I have been holding off on pushing any of it because I wanted to put it in an artbook. But, it is increasingly hard on me to look at my art I have set aside for an artbook or a sketch book that is almost 2 years old and see good work or work that represent what I can do.

So my question, my queue is if you think one should hold showing the artwork to be shown exclusively in an art book or just put it out and if an art book comes up collect your best put it out. Don't worry about exclusivity and just be an artist.

Just something that is knocking around in my head. I sitting here on 200 or so various art works for projects that may or may not happen. I'd rather be see that than wait to see them if a book or two get out.




I don't really do this type of thing but, I am not feeling the IPAD, Its pretty cool but I was hoping for a whole lot more. Don't get me wrong It's lovely as an over-sized I-POD Touch but it could have been so much more. I was truly hoping for the new-aged digital sketch book. Just imagining it with a program like Artrage or sketchpad or ever corel draw make my imagination go crazy. I could truly see myself taking it anywhere and drawing anything. But, Alas it just an over sized expensive reader.

Maybe next I will get what I want.

Oh and thing are going to be changing.

FRESH FIFTEEN coming real, real soon and re-model of the blog is definately needed.

Keep it Classic and I will Keep it Blaque, lol So corny