Open for Business

It’s time to finally pull the trigger and push out one of the multiple - and I do mean multiple - projects I have been working on for some time now. And that project is my own t­shirt shop!

Simply put I have been wanting do something like this since my senior year of high school when my honor society asked me to design t­shirts for the all of the students. It was such a big rush that after high school I would come up with dozens of designs and slogans. But I was broke and clueless of the design process. I did not have any clue on how to get them onto my computer let alone, color separation, pricing, printing, etc etc. Then came my love for comics, concept art and a plethora of the happy and awesome distractions that took up
some time.

But my passion for this wouldn’t die. Some time around the end of my college career I caught the bug for graphic design again. And my passion for t­shirt design would often come back to the surface. Every so often I would sketch out an idea or create a mock­up in Illustrator or Photoshop for the hell of it. I began building on ideas and drawing on inspiration from life as well as comics, music (Hip­Hop for the most part), artistic subcultures, and so much more.

As I began showing them off privately, my passion for this grew even stronger. Well, technology and the internet have finally caught up with my laziness and I can finally put my t­shirts online the way I want to. So I am proud to say that:

CLASSICBLAQUE’s is open for business.

Check of the the shop.  Got more to come.