Pardon My babble ...

...but I seem to be going through a crisis of an artist nature. I produce a a lot of works form illustration to graphic design, comic book art to web design, T-shirt apparel design to Vector illustrations concept art to 3d character models. So I have lot of work and in recent years I have been holding off on pushing any of it because I wanted to put it in an artbook. But, it is increasingly hard on me to look at my art I have set aside for an artbook or a sketch book that is almost 2 years old and see good work or work that represent what I can do.

So my question, my queue is if you think one should hold showing the artwork to be shown exclusively in an art book or just put it out and if an art book comes up collect your best put it out. Don't worry about exclusivity and just be an artist.

Just something that is knocking around in my head. I sitting here on 200 or so various art works for projects that may or may not happen. I'd rather be see that than wait to see them if a book or two get out.


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