Otakon 2007

Well I know this is kinda late, but I did for the first time ever attend otakon, this year I had planning on going to an otakon for years, every since my boy Chris showed me so of the swag he got in '02, an every year I have do work or I just forgot until that day because i was working.

So, finally I got a chance to go and I have to say that was ill. I only got to go for one day sat. but it was still an amazing event. it filled up all of the Baltimore convention center. the event was massive which it dwarfs in comparison with balticon which is like one main area and a few rooms. For the most part I was just taking all of the art in and mulling it over in my in head, It did not matter if it was costumes or art, anime or manga I was being artistically inspired by it all. It was really cool seeing all of these people who loved the art form as much as I did some even more from the way the dress and reacted to others. By 2 o'clock I was exhausted from walking around and my eyes kinda hurt from the looking at all of the bright cos players.

On that note those who cam to the con in costume, did your thing I saw some of the most amazing costume I ever seen at con. I will have to post the few pics I did get, later. Go a chance to see the witchblade anime it wasn't bad but it wasn't all that good either. The anime it self was well drawn but the story was tongue and cheek with allot of fan service as well as few punch line thrown in there.

On to the main event for me at least was the artist alley and dealer room. both areas were huge and packed with things to do. In the artist alley got to meet and my some great artwork from some fellow deviant artist ( deviantart.com). An the dealer room was great found out about some anime which I was look for, Especially Karas and some I did not know existed like Freedom. Which might I say look a whole lot like Akira.

I was not gonna stay until 2 in the morning so I got out of there around 6 in evening.

In conclusion for me the show was amazing, I had allot of fun and became inspired artistically about somethings, I am going to do it for the whole weekend next year.

I'm out.

Classic Blaque

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