Welcome to Classic Blaque which is basically, the other side to artist and creator William Anderson. Some of you may know me most of you don't, I am a comic artist, concept art and 3D modeler but as this Blog will show soon show, I am so much more. This is just another way to promote my craft that can not necessarily be shown where I currently have most of my art work uploaded.
I have been rolling the idea of a Blog around in my head for ages and finally got the nerve to create one and besides it's free. So It's no skin of my nose, if it fails or succeeds. In the coming days, weeks. months, I hope to present another side to my artwork for the world to see ( and it's not none of that freaky stuff either). and I wil still be uploading comic book stuff up here too.

With that said, I am know going to shut up and have fun with the blogging thing.

Classic Blaque.

PS I may even do some reviews of movies and music.

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